Everyone sweats differently. That means there isn’t one universal deodorant that will work for everyone. Personally, I need something that can last through both a long workday followed by an evening at the gym. And it needs to be quick – because even applying deodorant can seem like extra time when you’re running around in the morning! Luckily, I found two perfect solutions at Walgreens: dry sprays and care deodorants. Dry sprays are my favorite for busy mornings (literally just spray and go), and the care products keep my underarms feeling soft and healthy.

So what are your sweaty concerns? Sweat? Smell? Sensitivity? Whether you’re looking for protection during your toughest workout, need sweat/odor protection during a long day at the office, or need to cater to sensitive skin, there’s a deodorant for it.

Get familiar with the different deodorant options and get the one that’s right for you. Act fast and you can even score some sweet deals!

Dry Sprays
Do you ever feel like you have to wait a few minutes before getting dressed after applying deodorant? I am all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of my shirt sticking to my armpits due to wet anti-perspirant. Problem solved! Feel instantly dry and fresh with dry spray deodorant. Each spray dries instantly – perfect for busy mornings on the go.

Sweat happens – and not just during workouts. You know…those work meetings where you’re afraid to lift your arms above a certain level? Or the need to reapply deodorant by noon? Whether you have plans to hit the gym or are heading home for a Netflix marathon, stay ahead of sweat and #DoDeoBetter with motion-activated deodorant. Don’t forget the best part! These deodorants detect your every move, and offer 48-hour protection with Motionsense® technology.

Care Deodorants
Even your underarms need to be treated with respect. Give them the care they deserve with specialized care deodorants! Available in an assortment of scents and popular brands, care deodorant goes beyond wetness protection. It will also soften and moisturize the underarms within just a few days. They even offer 48-hour protection! That means even a full day of work/school followed by a trip to the gym is no problem.

Advanced Fragrance/Clinical Protection
When it comes to finding the perfect deodorant, some of us need something a little extra. No need for a prescription here! You can get clinical strength wetness protection right around the corner at your local Walgreens. So, push all those black shirts to the back of your closet – you can be comfortable in any color knowing you’re completely protected!

Source: Fitfluential.com